Monday, May 11, 2009

Botony Plans

Resources :

Flower Fairy site for info and lore about various plants
A kids herb Book
Botany in a Day
Christopherus Unit Study book on Botany
Shanleasa's Quest Exploring Creation with Botany
Hands on Nature
Small Wonders

The Handbook of Nature Study
The Natural Soap book
The Candlemakers Companion
Mommy Diagnostics
Laurels Kitchen Caring
Herbs to Use and Grow
Australian and New Zealand concise book of Herbs
'Serendipity' Flower stories and such
Growing and using basic Culinary Herbs--The Children's Year
Herb making items and information from Marilyn at Enjoy the journey

How to:
Research interesting herbs
Be able to identify herbs in a garden and/or wild situation
Be able to draw the herbs in notebook
Research how to dry the herb, which part of the herb
Is it used in a poultice, tea or tincture etc?

Are there any side effects or contra indications needed to know before apply to patient.
Write out recipe in note book
Find out where to get the herbs in Australia
Find out costing of each ingredient and the total cost of making before ordering.
Check we have utensils for making, check incidentals for this also
Proceed to make and store various useful herbal medicine
Look for a willing victim to try them on ☺ ☺


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