Monday, May 4, 2009

Unit Study-Pirate Study


Information Books to Read:
Pirates of the Caribbean-Thrill fest
Pirates of the Caribbean Visual Guide
Pirate - Fact or fiction

Treasure Island
Flints Island
True Pirate Stories

Mapping Book

Picture reading picture books:
Pirates Ahoy
If I were a pirate
Do pirates take baths?
Pirate Queen

Captain Blood
Sea Hawk
Treasure Island
Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy
Peter Pan

Learn to use compass
Follow map
Make treasure map
Draw own pirate map
Make pirate flag
Make treasure chest from cardboard and decorate it
Fill treasure chest with acquired jewels for achieveing 'school' related goals
Research different types of pirates and where they came from
Research the --Brethren Court
Research, draw and make semifore flags
Research other flag signals
Make weapons: cutlass,pistols etc
Research type of weapons
Draw different pirate ships
Research different types of ships
Narrations on famous pirates
Draw pirates
Create a pirate story and make book for it
Make own pirate code both spoken and written
Research modern day pirates
Learn about day to day life of a pirate eg; hygiene etc


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