Thursday, June 4, 2009

Daily Learning Plans for Tuesday

♥♥ List of Days Activities

♥ Breaky Stuff

♥ Assigned time with younger children

♥ Math- see attached
♥ English- see attached
♥ Italian- listen and use in daily conversation
♥ Bible History: read and narrate
-see attached list for book selection

♥ Read Aloud- Nature book or current Unit study book

♥ Geography:
- using Serendipity and other resources

♥ Science Experiment using the assigned book:
- observe and record results

♥ Music Practise

♥Journal and Information time
♥ Assigned Reading

♥ Exercise- 1/2 hour walk
- weight routine

♥ Morning devotions and prayer time
♥ 12 noon Angelus
♥ 3pm Divine Mercy

♥ Night routine
-Rosary and bile reading
-Read aloud
-Night prayers

Go Guys! Work Hard ☺☺

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