Sunday, June 28, 2009

Little ones Reading list for the week: M&M's ABC

I found this really cool way of displaying the books I will use for the week with the little ones.
This Amazon carousel Widget. I LOVE how it displays the books I am going to use.
In case no one has noticed I am a very visual person and I really like seeing what I am doing with planning, which leads to this gadget.
I plan on using this as a reminder each week, displaying different books I will use for the little ones.
These are the books I will be adding to our variation of the talked about Story Sack.
I have often resorted to putting the little ones learning in a bag like our Birthday and Christmas bags.
Sometimes it is just the books, sometimes it has other related ideas as well, or it could be just whole heap of Learning based ideas for the week.
It is a season that comes and goes. I am renewing it though and these will be the first lot of books in the Story Sack


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