Saturday, June 20, 2009

Moran and Myffwyn"s Learning Plans

♥Moran and Myffwyn's Daily Plans and Activities:

- learn to say morning and evening prayers
- Angelus
- Divine Mercy Chaplet
- Rosary

- learn the basic prayers of by heart
- Maria Montessori's Mass book
- CGS presentation
- Bible: Mummy read and you draw
♥ MATHS...
- circle time...singing, finger plays, memory work
- Christopherus First Grade through
- Dorrothy through
- Oak through
- Saxon Maths... work through
- Gnomes and through
- First Lesson in Numbers
- other books such as...Cuisinaire rods ABC, pentomioes, etc
- Montessori maths activities
- Form drawing
-counting : using various mediums
shells, stones, jewels, sticks etc
- Original Farm ABC stories and letters made up by Mummy and Autumn
- Christopherus first grade
- Lessons in English ...Dorothy Harrer
- Waldorf alphabet books and cards
- sand paper letters
- drawing letters in corn meal
- chalkboard letters
- tracing Jan Brett letters
- CHC learning to read
- matching games
- any other Montessori activities
- cutting, matching glueing etc
- card games
- practical life activities
- puzzles
- the Ruth Beechick little three books
- Waldorf homeschooling Grade 1... Melissa Nielson
- learn poem (test on Friday)
- learn memory verse (test on Friday)
- Copy work
- Voyages in in Language
- listen to stories being read aloud approx 30 mins each day

- Mummy Read Nature book
- Mummy Read Animal book
1. Draw picture of animal or from nature book
2. Label picture and/or write a short sentence
- Science experiment from book 1x week

-Mummy Read about the flower fairies from Mrs Applebee
1. Draw the plant
2. Label plant
3. Copy short sentence
- do assigned parts of Unit study as directed by Mummy

Listen to any reading
1. Draw or colour

♥ CRAFT...
- any craft we choose.
- embroidery sewing
- finger knitting

- Acorn Grove submission
- Listen to weekly Music Appreciation CD
- Do the weekly Art lesson
- Colouring in
- Drawing pictures



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