Saturday, September 19, 2009

Weekly Review 21st August - 18th September

As we have had several weeks of illness I have been fairly happy with what we have achieved.

The older children have not done any formal work but have worked on Math's, Spiderwick Study and Assigned Reading as they were able.

They also played word games and board games with Boggle and Up words, scrabble and Cards being the favoured re-occurring ones, played often.

The little girls took all of this time to complete Week A of along the Alphabet Path. However I am pleased with the progress especially with Moran who seemed to actually"get it." In Church this morning she was pointing our all the letter A's in the Order of Service.

She has seemed very keen to actually make words and yesterday worked out how to write MUM herself. This is a big step forward and both girls are wanting to write complete words. They both write out any letters they can and ask if they make words.

Last week the Children from Autumn down to Rogan choose new Assigned Reading and all the children are very happy with the choices and are progressing very well with them.

Rogan especially is coming along with his reading finally finding books that he will spend free time on instead of playing.

Also craft and making things were done as they were able and Rogan has finished his Christmas presents and the girls have been working steadily on theirs.

They have been using new skills in creating these projects and have been learning patience and perseverance as they learn these skills.

All the children are lloking forward to getting on track tomorrow for a great week.

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