Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Weekly Review 18 Sept - 9th October

Well this is hardly a weekly review is it?

Any way we have been very on and off with our progress
This week the older children started out very strong on the assigned work for the week.
However as we had feast days during this week we were not able to do all the set work.

They did start to get up very early again (5:30 am) and start the morning off very well. completing morning devotions, Bible reading, walk/run again and preparation for the morning chores.

The older 2 boys are still not as good at getting up although they did on a couple of days get up before 8:30am.

The little ones and I have been doing a lot of reading of the B books for Along the Alphabet Path.
We have done a lot of reading and not as much activity work as I wanted.
This I think is because we lost the momentum and once again took 3 weeks to do this.
this seems to be becouse we have a lot of interuption to the time we have spent together.

The older children are completeing lots of reading, both free and Assigned.

We have had a few major feast days which meant we have been focusing on these as well.

The older girls and I have started Orchard house Circle and we will continue to do this each week.

As I am completing this on Tuesday I have mentioned in Hearts for Home I think it is time for a review of what we want to achieve and what we actually are.

What is important and waht are are goals especially as we have not very long till we start Advent studies, which I need to get started planning on.


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