Friday, February 5, 2010

Weekly Review 10th - 5th February 2010

As we are starting a new school year here I am going to try to keep a weekly review/overview of what we did each week.
This being the start we were allowing the whole week to iron out any kinks in the schedules we had prepared. We discovered that there were a few kinks in time management of the organising of getting everything covered.

Autumn seemed to have her time which she planned by herself thought out carefully and had allowed Friday to be an easy day.

Eden got caught up in her Grammar story and so was behind in other work because of it. She also did not understand about splitting up the 1 week worth of work into 2 or more parts, especially history.

Saxon seemed to be all over the shop and not being able to focus on the getting done of the major points. Very unlike him. I wonder if the 5.30am starts are too much for him at the moment?

Vellvin seemed to have a similar problem to Eden in not understanding the breakdown of the tasks into time management phases.

I think I will have to help them re organise some of the wok.

Rogan was keen and did a lot of work compared to last year but I need to have everything organised for him. I am considering having a work basket approach for him.
Note to self- have a look at Lynn's stuff

All the children were very keen and said they enjoyed the subjects very much. They especially like the History of the world.
Note again. See if we can get an audio book of this especially for Rogan.

Some of the subjects did not happen:
~ music practise, we have a broken piano keyboard cord (as of start of term), I need to source a new one.
~ we did not get Orchard House Circle or Scribbling Squires happening or quiet time with reading in the afternoon.

I was pleased with the breakfast routine and the learning that is happening in covering our faith and prayers along with the singing of hymns.

Moran, Myffwyn and Corbyn did not get as good a start as I would have liked as I was helping the older ones with sorting out which books to use for subjects as well as how to do this and that.

We did get some of our F week activities done and did some candle dipping for Candlemass. We read stories (more than these as well) and did some of Moran's and Arwen's OT exercises.

I need to get better at making these happen in the day.

Our new night time routine has gone well most nights and I have done some craft with Autumn and some special time making potato people with Myffwyn especially.

I did sense some unsettledness with Moran and need to give her some more one on one attention I think.

Another idea is to make sure that we ALL get up early enough to get a great early start.

All in all I am happy with how the week went and the children were too. They are keen to get things rolling at an even better pace and order next week.


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