Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Weekly Review 22nd-26th February

Well as I am posting this on Thursday the main things I remember from last week is that we had to change a couple of resources.

The Introduction to Classical Studies just wasn't working for Saxon Velllvin and Eden. It was very time consuming and they really didn't like the Greek Myths stuff at all.

The other change was in Grammar. We had bought Simply Grammar as one of the first books for Homeschooling back in ...... This is the forth time I have tried it with the children and it just doesn't work for our children.
So we are now using until we finish it, Grammar Land by M. L. Nesbitt. This is more to the children's liking as well.

The younger ones are going well with the Alphabet Path but I still need to get their other work moving along better.

Rogan still struggles with independent work as he would rather be doing what the younger ones do or play still.

Autumn, Eden, Saxon and Vellvin as well as Rogan are really enjoying their Art work. I am especially pleased with Rogan's increased ability and not it only is Saxon improving in Sketching as well but he actually LOVES it. This is a dramatic change in attitude for Saxon and it goes to show that you just need to find the right type of Art work to begin with.

Geography, Science and History are still going really well. Math is difficult for some on some days and not on others. Poetry, spelling, Latin and Music seem to be going at a reasonable progress.

All in all we still need to keep on track with finishing work but the older ones especially are committed to their lessons each day and are progressing well.


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