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Outline Plans for Term 2 2010

Term 2 12 April to 25 June (26 April - ANZAC Day Public Holiday)

Daily everyone~
24 Family Ways
Book of Virtues: read a story
Saint of the Day

Moran, Myffwyna and Corbyn~
Bible stories
Catholic Children's Treasure Box: Maryknoll Sisters
Once upon a Time Saints: Ethel Pochocki
Little Suzy Stories: Elizabeth Prentiss

Rogan,Moran, Myffwyna and Corbyn~
Mary's White League Level 1: Ann Frost
CGS presentations- Home Catechises: Moira Farrell
Catholic Mosaic: Cay Gibson

Autumn, Eden and Vellvin~
Orchard House Circle resources

Saxon and Rogan~
Scribbling Squires resources
Pilgrims of the Holy Family-Kerry and Nancy MacArthur, and Blue Knights-Dan Mcguire along with various Boy Hood books we have on hand.

Credo lessons- this is an old pamphlet I printed off the net about 1996 and cannot find a link to anymore (Autumn)
The Virtue Tree: Sandra Grant (Autumn, Eden Saxon Vellvin)
Life Work: Rick Sarkisian (Autumn, Eden Saxon Vellvin)
Confirmation Preparation for Young Catholics: Seton Press (Eden Saxon Vellvin)
Sacrament of Confirmation: Faith in the Family Cathechetics ( Eden Saxon Vellvin)
The New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism ( Eden Saxon Vellvin)
The Man Who Lived Forever: Rev Gerald T Brennan (Autumn, Eden Saxon Vellvin)
The Mass Explained to Children: Maria Montessori (Autumn, Eden Saxon Vellvin)

The Most Beautiful Thing in the World:~ Susan Brindle, Joan Bell, Miriam Lademan
The New St Joseph First Communion Catechism
My First Catechism: Father Lovasik
Receiving Holy Communion: Father Lovasik
Preparing for my First Confession: Helen Mills
My Picture Missal: Father Lovasik
Going to Confession: Father Lovasik
The Sacrament of Reconiliation: Rev Jude Winkler
The Holy Eucharist: Father Lovasik
The Sacrementals of the Church: Father Lovasik
The Seven Sacrementals: Father Lovasik
CGS presentations- Home Catechises Moira Farrell

Autumn, Eden, Saxon, Vellvin,Rogan, Moran, Myffwyn and Corbyn~
Saints and Feast Days -Sisters of Notre Dame
Companion to the Calendar - Mary Ellen Hynes
Celebrating the Gospels - Gaynell Cronin
Preparation and Participation in various Feast Days

Science -
A History of Science- Rebecca Berg
Experiments from various books 2 times week
Chemistry on

Nature Journals/notebooks
Bush Rambles

Geography in Seven Months (downloaded)
Geography if you haven't finished

Art Projects for Kids 1 project per week
Art Work-
in order left to right Autumn, Eden, Saxon, Vellvin and Rogan:
Sketching, Pen and watercolour, Sketching, Pen and water colour, Sketching.
Monthly Theme- Enjoying the Journey ideas for the month
Poor Box Toys - 1 hour per week

Autumn, Eden, Saxon, Vellvin
Number Nut
Math worksheet site

Text books for Rogan -
Signpost Maths
DK - maths made easy
Montessori activities
Math worksheet site

Moran, Myffwyn and Corbyn-
Real life activites- ciiking counting etc
Simply Numbers- Shoelace Books
A First Lesson in Numbers-Benjamin Greenleaf
Gnomes and Numbers- Serendipity
An Easy Start in Arithmetic - Ruth Beechick
Montessori activities

My Catholic Speller : Level A (CHC) (Rogan)
The Essential Spelling List-Fred J. Schonell. (Eden, Saxon and Vellvin)
Essentials in Teaching and Testing Spelling- Fred J. Schonell (Eden, Saxon and Vellvin)
Stories with a View: Margot Davidson 1 lesson over the week (Rogan)
Ruth Heller Books 1 book per week (Rogan)
Lessons in Literature: Adnil Pres (Rogan)
Stories of the Saints 1 and 2 (Eden Saxon and Vellvin)
Grammer Land - Nesbitt Downloaded version (Autumn, Eden, Saxon and Vellvin)
English - Lingua Mater: Margot Davidson (Autumn)
Logic- Introductory Logic: Douglas J Wilson and James B Nance ( Autumn and Saxon)
EnglishMaven - all once a week for fun

The Writers Jungle: Julie Bogart
Teen Inklings

various sources dpending on the child

English from The Roots up: Joegil K. Lundquist
Prima Latina: Leigh Lowe
Lingua Angelica: Cheryl Lowe Learn in Latin
Latin with Laughter-Mrs. Sydney Frankenburg

Story of the World:
The Story of the World 'resource book' and The Story of the World Activity Book
for all 4 terms
volume 1-Eden and Rogan
Volume 2-Saxon and Vellvin
Volume 3- Autumn.

History Lessons for the term is 14

Unit Studies-
The Human Body finish up this term
Human Body Unit Study -Jennifer Steward
Human Anatomy in full Colour - John Green
Life Science- Seton programme Chapter 15:Introduction to Systems


Music Appreciation:- Mendelssohn, Tchaikovsky, Brahms, Mozart

READING FORMATION ~ Moran and Myffwyn essentially but Corbyn joins in
Along the Alphabet Path
Letters of Grace

plus bits an pieces from these sources
Oak Meadow Curriculum
Christopherus Curriculum
Charlotte Mason Method and all the books we have
Ruth Beechick
Maria Montessori Method on line and all the books we have

everyone try and learn
from basic notes I have printed out
sign with me cheat sheet
Australian version

These plans will be adjusted to daily learning schedules by the children.
Moran, Myffwyna and Corbyn will be using their daily plans from last term and I will update the Alphabet Path as we do it.
First week for them is "H Week"


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Hi Gae. Thanks for visiting my blog. I love it when I meet new faces. Especially large homeschooling families. I love your blog and look forward to reading more. Looks like we are doing the same latin program and reading many of the same books!

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