Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Intense Phonics for Moran and Myffwyn

The Idea here is to spend  devoted time on this as well as our Alphabet path each day :perhaps 30 mins with me and a little bit of time with Autumn  especially.

These are the resources I am using some more than others and I will see what meets the needs best especially with Moran who needs more help with her learning issues

Main Ideas:
Alphabet Path
How to Read in 100 Easy Lessons
CHC letters
Jan Brett Letters
Start to word blend with letters they know
Read A little Flower Book Series- this is for them to realy memorise and actually 'read a book aloud'
Start It is Fun to Read Series- very slow
Flash Cards- Phonics
Flash Cards- easy words
Jan Brett- Easy words
Word Families????? Cards
Ideas from Games for Reading 1 different idea per week
Seton flash cards
Charlotte Mason Reading kit I made years ago.

Sensory ideas:
Felt Letter Book
Sandpaper Letters
Draw giant chalk letters and walk them
Bees Wax/playdoh
Cornmeal letters
Wooden letters- make words
Montessori letters (laminated ones)- make words
Handwriting Aids

Computer Aided Alphabet/Phonics:
Starfall- online
Phonics 3D Adventure Eureka (can't find link)
My First ABC's and Spelling
Reader Rabbit Pre School
Reader Rabbit Kindergarten
Reader Rabbit 1st Reader
The free reading programme

Well that will do for a start I think!


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