Monday, January 28, 2013

Ancient Britain Study

This is a basic and broad coverage of the British Isles form around 50AD up until 1100AD
Here are some ideas and resources to use:

Resource Books~
A Nursery History of England
A Street through Time
The Middle Ages R J Unsted
Usborne Medieval World
England  Book 1 The Medieval Scene R J Unsted
The History of the Kings of England -
Life in a Celtic Village
The Vikings
One Day with Vikings
Anglo Saxon Village
A medieval Monk
An Irish Pilgrim
How they lived: A Roman Centurion

Chapter Books~
Beric the Britain - G A Henty
Wulf  the Saxon - G A Henty
In Freedoms Cause - G A Henty
A String in the Harp
The Story of Rolf and the Viking Bow
Beon the Proud
Red Hugh of of Donegal
Augustine came to Kent
Between the Forest and the Hills
Son of Charlemagne
To Tell my People
Outlaws of Ravenhurst
Town Across the Water

Rosemary Sutcliff

Asterix in Britain

British Peoples - Celts, Welsh, Picts, Scots, Brits, Normans, Romans, Vikings, Irish, Saxons
Legends eg  King Arthur, Robin Hood

Heroes from the time periods  eg Boadicea, William Wallace, Rob Roy.
Daily Life
Saints from Britain
Book of Kells
Kings of Ireland
Celtic symbols and writings
Invasion of Rome and the changes

Celtic Legends Unit Study actually here for direct link

British History BBC~
British Pre History
Anglo Saxons
Hands on History

Folk Lore and symbols
National Language
Defense ie, battle preparations, Armour
You can use this structure for any other of the British people

Use the standard methods of recording-

The method for recording is the standard:
1. Person
2. Place
3. Thing about a chapter or section of work

again using these methods of recording
1. written narration
2. Oral narration- either in a direct translation, a play or skit
3. Drawing Narration - painting, sketching, watercolour drawing etc
4. Making things from various materials


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