Sunday, May 18, 2014

Science - Solar System and Stars

Using these resources-
Magic School Bus Lost in Space
Magic School Bus Sees Stars
Book- Fancy Nancy sees Stars
Read about the Solar System
Look at our books on Space and Stars (many on our book cases, just find a couple)

Make planets from Lego and Game
Make solar System to hang up in house (idea for scale) plus lots of other ways to make them
Chalk draw the planets
Make star cookies
Star shape cut outs to hang on windows
Star Gaze one night
Great Clickable link that takes you to a kid friendly explaining page for each planet
Great Information here
Kids Astrononmy
Clickable with lots of info but not for small kids
Solar System Cards and little work book
Circular diagram
Very informative Star information for down under
List of SH constellations
Star wheel to cut out
Seasonal SH stars
Southern Hemisphere Constellations online looking at the sky
Common stars SH and NH

You Tube:
solar System song
For Kindy age
Interesting Facts
Planets and solar system
Cool Craft 


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