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Moran, Myffwyn and Corbyn Learning 2015

Moran, Myffwyn and Corbyn Learning 2015

Table Time-
24 Family Ways
Saint of the Day
Book of Saints and Hero Chapter
God’s Little Boy with daily focus task
God’s Little Girl with daily focus task
Learn to do these Things

Circle Time – see separate notes. These are seasonal and liturgically changed

Reading Practice-
Ben and Meg
Flicka, Ricka and  Dicka, Snip, Snap and Snur plus others of choice
Christian Liberty Press Nature Reader 

First Catholic Spelling (CHC)
An English Manual
Voyages in Language 4
Emma Serle
Spelling list (test weekly)
Dictation (test weekly)
Poem writing out and illustrate

A Childs History of the world -  Oral narration and short written narration and drawings
Our Island story- audio and written

St Patrick's Summer
The Mass Explained to Children
Understanding the Scriptures- The Didache Series (pod cast)
CGS presentations

Profax Maths
Maths on Line lessons- work through the course (M&M)
Funnix Maths for Corbyn till he is ready for Maths on Line
Proficient in times tables and mental adding
Problem solving orally

The Wonderland of Nature- Nuri Mass
A Bush Calender – Amy Mack
Handbook of Nature Study -Anna Comstock
Nature Notebooks- as used through the day
Weekly walks – Thursday afternoon
Community Garden
1. Bush Boys Series- narration
2. Two Little Savages
3. Mistmantle Series

Nature Helps-
Field Guide to Birds of Australia
Field Guide to Insects of Australia
Key Guide to Australian Wildflowers

Princess and Prince Lessons-
Use Christian Charm Course as a broad Guide
Notes on this to come as yet

Literature- First Selection
1. The Swiss Family Robinson
2. The Indian in the Cupboard Series
3. All of a Kind Family Series
4. A Little Princess
5. Bows Against the Barons

Lunch Time Read Aloud-
Amon’s Adventure or The Bronze Bow (for Lent)
The Little House in the Highlands Series
The Lion in the Box
Petite Susan
Thee Hannah
Yonie Wondernose
Skippack School
Bright April
Henner’s Lydia
Elin’s America

Poetry- (test for progress each week)
February: A B Patterson
March: - A B Patterson
April: -William Wordsworth
May: - Henry Wadsworth Longfellow
November: The Night Before Christmas

Lambs Tales book we own this and use this  free audio 
Beautiful Stories from Shakespeare by  book E Nesbitt and use this Free audio 

Art Appreciation- 4 pictures each month (choices to be made each month)
February : Monet-
March: Leonardo da Vinci-
April: William-Adolphe Bouguereau
May: Degas
June: Renoir-
July: Edmund Blair Leighton
August: Thomas Kincade-
September: Frederick McCubbin
October: Rembrant
November: Van Gough
December: john william waterhouse
Extra: Jean-Franois Millet

Geography- travel the world (map and passport)

Tea Time-
Cooking practice
The Tea Times (printed sheets)
Tea and Cake with the Saints
The Mary Frances Cookbook

Hand work-
Finger knitting
Spider knitting
The Mary Frances Knitting and Crocheting Book
The Mary Frances Sewing Book
Sewing with St Anne

Physical Education-
Obstacle course
Laps of bike
Laps of running
Ball skills
You-tube ballet
Swimming in summer
Free Play

Music- listen to classical masters and stories we have for the composers and then listen to music on a daily basis
February: Mozart,
March: Vivaldi,
April: Mendelson,
May: Strauss,
June: Schubert,
July: Beethoven,
August: Tchaikovsky,
September: Brahms,
October: Haydn.
November: Bach
December: Handel.

Read and listen to-
Young Persons Guide to the Orchestra
Carnival of the Animals
Peter and the Wolf
Famous Children Series
Piano with Saxon

Art and Craft-
Use this series as the basis for Art Art for Kids
Copying Masters ie Elsa Beskow, Beatrix Potter, etc
Free art time

Craft – Making crafts each week both as part of the lessons and free time.
Art and Craft materials are available for use at all times

Evening Read Alouds-
The Penderwick Series
The Good Master
The Sign of the Beaver
Ralph S Mouse
Children of the New Forest

Adventure Skills-
Orienteering: topographical map reading and compass reading
Other stuff with other HS family
Off grid self sustainable, herb lore, homesteading etc

Field Trips-
RAAF museum
Adelong Falls
Blueberry Picking
Apple Picking
Cattle Yards – Livestock Marketing Centre
Lavender Farms
Violet Farm
Tumut Broom Factory
Sisters of Charity
Temora Plane Museum
Rail Museum
Steam and Vintage Museum
Museum of the Riverina
Livingston National Park
Wiradjuri Walking Trail
Botanical Gardens
Big trip to the Taronga Zoo
Mary Poppins Play at the Theatre (July)
Canberra trip x1 - Cockington Green, Parliament House,
Canberra Trip x2 Questacon, War Memorial, National Art Museum

Daily Times -
With 20 % margin 4 hours and 50 mins

Girls Brigade (Moran and Myffwyn) Tuesday Evenings
Catechism with Father Terrance on Tuesday afternoons
Listen to Audio books

NB- for each of the read alouds for the particular topics there is a list. This can be added to as the other books are completed.


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