Monday, January 10, 2011

Saxon's Assigned Reading List 2011 -1

Classic ~ In freedom's Cause by G.A. Henty
Nature/ Science  ~ Wilbur and Orville Wright: Young Fliers by Augusta Stevenson
Saint ~ St Matain De Porres by Mary Fayan Windeatt
Biography ~ Mother R ( Eleanor Roosevelt's Untold Story) by Elliot Roosevelt and Janmes Brough
Australian ~ World's End was Home by Nan Chauncy
To be Read by 14th February 2011



Erin said...

Looks like we are both planning at same time:) I just hit published and saw you did too!

Regards Nan Chauncy, I have a number of her books, all set in Tasmania, would you like me to type up a list for you? your library may be able to get them.

Gae said...

Dear Erin,
yes I pretty much have the older children organised just need to type it up.
Trying to get the little ones stuff organised with enough time for the sensory stuff for Moran and Corbyn.

I think we have some more Nan Chauncy but yes a list of the books would be great if you have the time.

Talk to you soon.
Stephen's parent coming on Thursday so trying to get it all done by then:)
Love Gae