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Pentecost Plans

♥♥ Pentecost(Whitsun) was the name given to a Jewish agricultural festival to indicate that it took place on the fiftieth('pente"-five)day after Passover. It was on this day that the twelve disciples of Jesus(now including Mathias in place of Jesus) met with Mary, the mother of Jesus, and others. While the disciples were "all with one accord in one place...there came a sound from heaven as of a rushing wind."(Acts2:2.) A powerful current gathered up the disciples as if on the in-breath of God, and, taken hold of by this divine inspiration, they became aware of "cloven tongues like as of fire" which "sat upon each of them." The story goes on to recount that the twelve were "filled with the Holy Ghost" and were able to speak on such a way that "every man heard his own language."♥♥♥from All Year Round

Plans for the Day♥♥♥
♥♥Readings for Pentecost Year B

Tell the story from the Betty Lukins book using the Felt board and characters
-Read the New Catholic Picture Bible
-The Very First Christians
-IBelieve: The Nicene Creed
-The Apostles of Jesus

♥Activities and Crafts♥
-Blow up a heap of Ballons and then release them to fly like the Holy spirit.
-Make a Whitsun couple ♥The Nature Corner
-Make Mary and the Apostles from wooden people or needle felt them or sew felt them
-Make Whitsun dove mobile ♥The Childrens Year
-Flying Rice bags!and Streamers! ♥The Childrens Year
-Butterflies ♥The Childrens Year
-Make some bookmarks:
-dove shape with a red ribbon and put the gift of the spirit on one wing, and fruit of the spirit on the other
-Whitsun dove wings ♥All Year round
-Fairy streamers ♥All Year Round

-Do some of the activities and colouring in from the list below.

♥♥"From the earliest centeries, the dove has been used as a symbol of the Holy Spirit. The symbolism was inspired by the Gospel report of Christ's baptism and is still popular today. From medieval times on, in many parts of central and eastern Europe, the people hung artfully carved and painred wooden doves over the dining table as a constant reminder to the family to venerate the Holy Spirit." ♥Catholic Traditions in the Home and Classroom

♥All Seasons Wreath♥
-add yellow and red streamers to the doves we made for Ascension
-make sure the Family altar cloth is red

-make bread dough and make into a dove shape
-Make a cake and ice with white cream, draw a dove shape and have 7 rays coming out from the dove (representing the 7 gifts of the Holy spirit)
and surround the cake with 12 strawberries (representing the 12 Apostles and the Fruits of the Holy Spirit).

♥Table Decorations♥
-Red table cloth with little cut out doves sprinkled on top
-Large Candle in middle as centre piece with small candles and white flowers around
-In centre of the table have a basket of plastic fruit with a 'fruit of the spirit' tied on it. At the end of the meal have everyone take turns to pick a fruit.
This fruit will be the virtue to work on during the year.
-Dove shape placemats
-At each place have:
-a cookie with a red lifesaver stuck on in the middle and a red candle in the middle ♥The Year and our Children

♥Main Meal♥
Fried Chicken, mashed potatoe, and green veges
-if we can a 12 fruit salad ♥Catholic Cuisine

♥♥"In England, the day of Pentecost is known as Whitsun, or Whitsunday, meaning 'white-Sunday.' It has long been a tradition to wear white on this day, perhaps as an acknowledgement of the purity of the spirit, perhaps as a reminder of the moment of joining in the Church community at Baptism and Confirmation." ♥All Year Round

♥Colouring Pictures♥
--colouring page
--other colouring Pictures from Catholic mom
-ascension colour pic
-stained glass colouring pic
-dove colour pic
-dove flying colouring pic

♥Enjoying Nature♥
-once again kite flying with the kites made on Ascension
-use the streamers made from Ascension
-put butterflies made above on sticks like streamers and run as well.
-look and identify birds in backyard or area

♥Heap of Pentecost ideas:♥

-Lots of ideas
-Catholic Mom ideas
-Holy Spirit
-Symbols of the Holy Spirit
-More Pentecost ideas
-Gifts of the holy spirit
-Pentecost Puzzles:
-Pentecost song:


-Family activites
-Pentecost Play

- Teacher Planet resource page for Pentecost
--Work sheet
--Pentecost spinner

--Pentecost crossword
--Pentecost decoder
--Pentecost word jumble
--Pentecost word search
--twelve disiples word search

--Holy Spirit mobile

--More word searches


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