Saturday, May 30, 2009

Indian Unit Study

-America's Faascinating Indian Heritage
-American Girl Books: Kaya
-Welcome to Kaya's World
-Two Little Savages
-Ernest Thompson Seton's Big Book of Country Living (BBCL)
-Lewis and Clark Activity book

♥Library Books:
-Focus on aztecs and Incas-Chloe Sayer
-DK: Aztecs the fll of the Aztec Capital- Richard Platt
-Native Anericans(Peoples under threat)- Helen Edmunds
-Life in the time of Moctezuma and he Aztecs- Roy Burrell
-Find out about Plains Peoples- Hamish Hamilton

-Saint Issac and the Indians
-Father Marquette and the Great Rivers
-Katiri Tekakwitha
-Calico Captive
-Brave Buffalo Fighter
-Standing in the light
-The Journal of Jessie Smoke
-Nacar the White Deer
-Brothers of the Heart
-The Matchlock Gun
-The Courage of Sarah Noble
-Island of the Blue Dolphins
-Day Crockett
-The Education of Little Tree
-The Last of the Mohicans
-White Calf
-The Indian in the Cupboard Series
-The Sign of the Beaver
-Squanto: Friend of the Indians

♥Picture Books;
-The Huron carol
-A Virgian Indian
-Daily life in a covered Wagon
-Let's look inside a tepee
-The Indian Paintbrush
-The legend of the Pointsetti
-Red fox and his Canoe
-Tapenum's Day
-Indian Summer
-The Boy who lived with Seals
-The boy who sailed with Columbus
-Boat Ride with Lilian Two Blossom

-Davy Crockett
-They died with their boots on
-The Indian in the Cupboard

-mapping of:
season route of travel
how they Indians migrated throug the year if any
how they were moved along by expansion
individual mapping of indian territories
-make a teepee
-make wigwam
-make mochasins
-make bow and arrows(for dolls)
-make tomahawk
-make a paper doll and clothes for a particular tribe
for various tribes
--make indian head dress
--desigh a shield design
-Research the different tribes and learn about them
-where different tribes lived and how they were affected by the expansion of settlers
-religion of the indians

-Tracking of animals. Identify various tracks
-bird identifacation.
-make a totem pole.
-make a talking stick.
-research buffalo
-research the types of food either caught or foraged
-Is this different dependent on area of living.
-was there harmony or enmity amongst the tribes.
-heirachy of the tribes, was this the same for all.

-keep a nature journal
-What was the influence of the different Europeon peoples on each of the tribes.
-How did the Gold rush affect the tribes
-what effect did the 'reservations' have on the Indian tribes
-How do the modern Indians live now and still remember their history
-Research songs, dances and ceremonies (BBCL)
-Research signaling and Indian Signs (BBCL)
-research the health and woodland medicines used by Indians (BBCL)
-Read "Campfire Stories of Indian Character" (BBCL)

-How did exploration affect the Indian culture
-Colouring pages from various sources
-write and illustrate a picture book
-Learn and play some Indian games (BBCL)
-'wood craft':learn how to survive in the bush:
what to take, what towear, food to take. Basic camping 101 (see Bush boys stuff and Scouting manuals as well as BBCL)
--make a wooden Indian family OR felt OR make from other materials


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