Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Daily Learning Plans Wednesday

♥♥ List of days Activities:

♥ Breaky stuff

♥ Assigned time with younger children

♥ Indian Unit Study- work from the list of activites and books
1. Read a chapter from novel
2. Read Information book and report on and/or
3. Read resource book and report on
4. Read a picture book
5. Do and activity


♥ Sunday Reading Preparation

♥ Scinece experimeent: choose 1-2 experiments and
1.write/copy instructions
2. Do experiment
3. report on experiment

♥Acorn Grove;Prepare an articl/drawing etc for Family newspaper
♥CGS presentation
♥Catholic Mosaic- read and do activity
♥Nature Journal(can be related to Indian Study)

♥Assigned reading
♥Information time
♥Art and Music Appreciation

♥Music lesson
♥Music Practice
♥Sport day- basketball/table tennis

♥Exercise- 1/2 hour walk
- weight routine

♥Morning devotions and prayer time
♥12 noon Angelus
♥3pm Divine Mercy

♥Night routine
-Rosary and bile reading
-Read aloud
-Night prayers

Go Guys! Work hard ☺☺

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