Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Enjoying the Journey Through June

♥Month of the Sacred heart.
7th Trinity Sunday
8th Mary, Mediatrix of all Graces
10th St Margaret of Scotland
11th Corpus Christi
13th St Anthony of Padua
14th At Basil the Great
19th Most Sacred Heart of Jesus
20th Immaculate Heart of Mary
23rd vigil of St John the Baptist
24th Birth of John the Baptist
25th Eucharistic heart of Jesus
27th Our Lady of Perpetual Help
29th Sts Peter and Paul
30th Commemoration of St Paul

Work with children on ideas for meal plans as well as snacks for the month
Have plenty of soups, stews and home made bread
Make some winter deserts
Have cleaning routine working efficiently
Have boots cleaned/polished weekly before Church
Wash the cars

Make a winter Garland for door
Do knitting:
Knit a 'Gnomes hat'
Knit finger puppets
Knit and crochet animals
Crocheting small things: scarves, doll blankets
Knit socks and shawl (me)
Teach children how to spin and card fleece
Do some weaving
Patchwork quilts
Do some carving
Make wooden animals from natural materials collected on nature explorations
Make skirts for the girls
Make items for seasons table
Make bulletin board items
Use natural materials for weekly craft lesson
Make snowflakes and hang up
Work with clay

Daily time outside
Observe the birds and their routines
Have 'splash day ' when it rains again
Feed the birds on the bird feeders
Make a bird special treat
Collect wood and materials for craft making
See if we can collect clay on the property

Early rising FOR ALL
Have all preparation for lessons done the night before
Start 'school' on time and finish with plenty of play time
Read to little ones first and get them organised for the day
Re-introduce circle time for little ones
Use Montessori activities daily
Accountability with Erin
Focus on daily rhythm in our family situation
Keep my desk/work area tidy daily
Have all the feast day crafts prepared ahead of time

Have "the bookcase" set up with the Winter Theme
Change the bulletin board to Winter
Daily routine and 15 min jobs done working efficiently by months end
Daily outside time for all: basket ball, soccer etc
Daily Rosary
Keep family altar fresh
Keep the Winter Seasons table interesting and tidy
Have sit down together lunch
Read Bible and have read aloud time at night
Friday cooking day of goodies
Monthly "Show time"
Have 'older kid with little kid time'


Start to do the Indian Unit study
Start Geography study using Serendipity and Marilyn's resources as well as others
Use nature Journals frequently as part of Indian study
Learn Winter related poems
Paint weekly
Do circle time with the little ones
Have a few Montessori lessons planned for each day for little ones
Read picture books aloud for 1/2 hour each day
Read aloud to everyone for 1/2 hour each day-again
Moran and Myffwyn Christopherus guided learning
Catechism of the Good Shepherd presentations
Science experiments
Craft specifically weekly with everyone
Research about herbal medicines
Keep up with Math and English lessons
Learn the Rosary parts off by heart;
The Mysteries, the reading and meditation and the fruit of the Mystery
Do as many Liturgical and feast days as we can fit in
Use Catholic Mosaic books for the month

♥Special Days:
1st Myffwyn's Birthday
12th My Birthday
15th Saxon’s Baptism Anniversary
26th Confirmation day for special people in Wangaratta (wish we could go for Saxon and Eden: Need a miracle)
27th Arwen's birth Saint Feast Day: Our lady of Perpetual Help

Enjoy your Month

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