Sunday, August 16, 2009

Weekly Review 10th - 14th August

Well I do need to start even though last week wasn't a good one for actually recording acheivements.

All the children were sick with the cold and some with throwing up as well.
We pretty much ditched any formal plans and the children when they were able read a lot of their assigned reading and anything else they felt like reading, when and if they felt up to it
Some had the cough quite badly and were under the weather for most of the week.
We seem to be at the end with most but a couple are still lingering and I hope they will be back on deck on Monday to start the new plans.

We had been to the library last week and have a box full of interesting library books so these have been passed around too.

Sometimes we played some 'parlor games' and cards as well.
As Stephen was home as well and he was sick too, we also spent time just being together.
Stephen did start the first Spiderwick book as an introduction to the Spiderwick Study we will start next week.

If I can keep this simple I may actually keep a record of what we do instesd of trying to write out a daily achievement list, which has never been finished due to my running out of time and energy for recording about mid week.


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