Thursday, October 29, 2009

Assigned Reading Lists - November

Children's Assigned Reading for November:

♥ Autumn.
*The Coral Island-R.M.Ballantyne.
*Riverman-Allan Baillie.
*Pioneers Of The Air-James Prunier.
*On The Clouds To China-Cyril Davey.
*In The Hands Of The Cave Dwellers-G. A. Henty.
*The Winged Watchman-Hilda Van Stockum.
*Woodland Tales-Ernest Thompson Seton.

♥ Vellvin.
*The Coral Island-R.M.Ballantyne.
*Mates At Billabong-Mary Grant Bruce.
*Laddie-Gene Stratton Porter.
*Hudson Talyor-Phyllis Thompson.
*Rujub The Juggler-G.A.Henty.
*Voyage on the Great Titanic-Ellen Emerson White.
*The Book Of The Forest-James Gourier

♥ Saxon
*Saint George for England-G.A.Henty
*Mr. Hornbeams treasure hunt-Louise Elliott
*The Borrowed House- Hilda van Stockum
*Saint Ignatius-August Derleth
*A Christmas carol-Charles Dickens
*Albert Einstein-Marie Hammontree
*Nuclear arms race-Nigel Hawkes

♥ Eden
* The Southern Rainbow by Phyllis Piddington.
*The Tiger of Mysore by G. A. Henty.
*My Heart Lies South by Elizabeth Borton De Trevino.
*Freckles by Gene Stratton-Porter.
*St Louis De Montfort by Mary Fabyan Windeatt.
*Cotton,The Story of Cotton Farming in Australia byNicol Taylor.
*The Man in the Iron Mask byAlexandre Dumas.

♥ Rogan

* Deserts - Nicola Barber
* Little Old Mrs Pepperpot - Alf Proysen
* Ollies Ski Trip - Elsa Beskow
* Once Upon a time Saints - Ethel Pochocki
* Squire Terrence and the Maiden's Knight - Gerald Morris
* The Adventures of Bobby Raccoon - Thornton W Burgess
* Twister Trouble - Magic School Bus Chapter Book



Tracy C. said...

Now, I'm glad you came to see my blog so I could find yours! I will be taking some time to explore...oh, I'm sure you can make the cookies with a real live pumpkin.

Rose said...

Thank you for visiting! I just love your blog and also the books that you ae reading. G.E.Henty is a favorite of ours. God bless, Rose