Sunday, November 8, 2009

Plans for November

As we finished up our studies last month I wanted to refocus on allowing the children 'wiggle room.' Time to be able to follow through on the creative side of life.
Time to actually do all the things we plan on our Monthly Outlines and personal activities.

Also as I generally plan Advent studies this month I didn't want to be planning another Unit study.

So study for this month consist of ::
♥ Pre Organised Unit Studies~
Saxon and Autumn : Solar System - Jennifer Steward
Solar System - Acorn Academy
Vellvin and Rogan: Medieval Times - Jennifer Steward
Eden has a study I printed out years ago on Weaving using Little house books as a guide. I have a feeling they are from Melissa Whiley's old blog, but I can't find a Link for this one.

♥ Since the children found out about NaNoWriMo this has been a major focus of their studies replacing the excitement they had for the above Unit Studies.
- this is replacing the English studies we had planned.

♥ Maths form

♥ Geography is travel around Australia~
Taking one week to cover 2 states or territories
- major towns,
- major rivers
- major land marks
- major natural features eg, national parks, state forests
- National monuments
- historical landmarks
- state specifics eg population, size of state
- oceans and seas around Australia
- well known pastoral stations.

- Distances between capital cities
- distances from specific towns in each state.

♥ Learn Christmas Carols~ approx 3 per week

♥ Assigned Reading from Here

♥ Creative making things form Monthly Outlines OR Christmas presents

♥ Music practise on the instruments each child can play

♥ For Moran Myffwyn and Corbyn we will continue traveling the Alphabet Path as well as learning Christmas Carols.



At Home Together said...

Looks like a wonderful plan of studies. I really like how reading is such a centerpiece of your work!

Cinnamon said...

It all sounds so lovely~

Thanks for sharing!


Anonymous said...

I have enjoyed visiting your blog and am looking forward to using the Solar system unit study from Acorn you recommended. I have been looking for something like this!