Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Autumn's 2010 Reading List

Here is Autumn's proposed free Reading programme for 2010 ~
These are all her own choices:

1. Nickolas Nickleby
2. A Christmas Carol.
3. The Pickwick papers.
4. Little Nell(also known as "The Old Curiosity Shop".)
5. David Copperfield.
6. The Three Musketeers.
7. Jane Eyre.
8. Wuthering Heights.
9. The Scarlet Pimpernel.
10. A Connecticut Yankee in King Arthur's Court
11. The Kings Fifth.
12.Tom Sawyer Abroad.
13. The Wind In The Willows.
14. Beau Geste.
15. The Prince and The Pauper.
16. The Young Pretenders.
17. Two Years Before The Mast.
18. The Hiding Place.
19. The Trapp Family On Wheels.
20. Applesauce needs Sugar.
21. Mama's Bank Account.
22. Butter At The Old Price.
23. Lords Of Atlantis.
24. Beloved Of The Gods.
25. The Rouges Of Alwyn.
26. April Gold.
27. The Guardians.
28. Pride And Prejudice.
29. Emma.
30. Sense And Sensibility.
31. The Conquest Of Montezuma's Empire.
32. The Phantom Of The Opera.
33. The Strange Case Of Dr. Jekyll And Mr. Hyde.
34. Artic Prairies.
35. Bannertail.
36. Wild Animals At Home.
37. Woodland Tales.
38. The Swallows And Amazons Series.
39. Alvin Fernald Foreign Trader.
40. Madeline Takes Command.
41. The Drovers Road Collection.
42. The Poet And The Pauper.
43. With The Knights Of Malta.
44. Tad Or "Getting Even With Him."
45. Kidnapped.
46. The Master Of Ballantraye.
47. In The South Seas.
48. Jim Davis.
49. Master Man Ready.
50. Westward Ho!
51. Just David.
52. Any Of The Pollyanna's We Own That I Have Not Read.
53. Came A Cavalier.
54. Any Of The Rosemary Suttcliff Books I Have Not Read And Am Allowed Too.
55. The Keys And The Candle.
56. The Trumpeter Of Krakow.
57. The Black Arrow.
58. 18 G. A. Henty's.
59. Adam Of The Road.
60. Saint Thomas More.
61. Saint Catherine Laboure'.



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Bravo! A wonderful list! Sadly, here in the States, so many of these are ignored other than by the homeschooling community. Many of my students at the college are unfamiliar with these great works! Hope Autumn enjoys this undertaking.