Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saxon's 2010 Reading List

Saxon's main goal is to read our entire collection of G.A. Henty books.
We actually have an almost complete collection, 98 books. I thought we had all the books and then discovered we were one book short. I keep meaning to get this but keep forgetting.

The above image is of part of our bookcase that holds the books. If you count they aren't all there because some are in circulation at the moment.

I think this is an enormous task for the year along with everything else he reads.


Cinnamon said...

Hi Gae~ Wow! I'm jealous. What a collection of books to have~

I stole the "daughter-in-love" from a bloggy friend, Marnie @ Life Abundantly. I love it too! Sounds so much nicer than "in law".

Thanks for stopping by and saying Hi~


Erin said...

Well Chiara would LOVE that to be her goal.