Friday, January 15, 2010

Eden 1st Term Plans 2010

Morning Learning: over Breakfast
- 24 Family Ways
- Book of Virtues: read a story
- Bible Story
- Saint of the Day
- Daily Intentions
- Singing Hymns

Lunch Learning- Read aloud over lunch

Evening- Read Picture Bible, Bedtime Bag Books, Chapter book and Rosary

Prayer Pegs: Morning Prayer, Angelus, 3 O'clock prayer, Rosary, Night prayers

Big Kid little Kids time 30 mins daily

-Introduction to Classical Studies - Cheryl Lowe 4 times a week
- Simply Grammar - Karen Andreola: approx 5 of the lessons a week as there are about 45 lessons

-Spelling: daily
The Essential Spelling List-Fred J. Schonell.
using the ideas in Essentials in Teaching and Testing Spelling- Fred J. Schonell Learn 3-5 words at a time and then there will be a dictation test on the section of words when reach the end of section.

Poetry: Learn by oral recitation daily
1. Fairy Dresses: Shirley Barber?
2. Land of Nod: R.L. Stevenson
3. The Fairy Market: Shirley Barber?

Faith Training:
Confirmation Preparation for Young Catholics: Seton Press
Sacrament of Confirmation: Faith in the Family Cathechetics
The New Saint Joseph Baltimore Catechism
The Man Who Lived Forever: Rev Gerald T Brennan
The Mass Explained to Children: Maria Montessori
Preparation and Participation in various Feast Days

Preparatin for Mass on Sunday: Read the readings and these books
Saints and Feast Days -Sisters of Notre Dame
Companion to the Calendar - Mary Ellen Hynes
Celebrating the Gospels - Gaynell Cronin

Latin: ( we will attempt this again) daily
- English from The Roots up: Joegil K. Lundquist
-Prima Latina: Leigh Lowe
- Lingua Angelica: Cheryl Lowe Learn in Latin
1. Sign of the Cross
2. The Our Father
3. Hail Mary
4. Gloria
5. Table Blessing
6. Glory Be.....
7. Agnes Dei
-Latin with Laughter-Mrs. Sydney Frankenburg .( For fun.)

Maths - 4 times a week
- Maths On Line
- Number Nut - just for fun
-Times Tables on tip of tongue (must know by end of time)

History - The Story of the World: Ancient Times Susan Wise Bauer
and The Story of the World : Activity Book One - Ancient Times
-9 lessons first term approximately 1 per week.

Human Body Study: 2-3 times week
A small Unit Study -Jennifer Steward
-Human Anatomy in full Colour - John Green
- Life Science- Seton programme Chapter 15:Introduction to Systems
11 areas to cover-
1. Skeleton and Bones
2. Muscles
3. Spine
4. Brain
5. Nervous System
6. Heart and circulation
7. Skin, Hair, nose, Mouth Throat
8. Eye and Ear
9. Respiratory System
10. Digestive System
11. Internal Organs like stomach, liver intestines etc
12. Urinary System

Science: 3 times a week
-A History of Science- Rebecca Berg
- Experiments from various books 2 week
- Physics - work through at own pace for the term. Finish this term

Geography- 2 times week
Geography in Seven Months (downloaded)
Geography for fun

Reading: from prepared list (yet to give me) and Assigned reading.
45 min Quiet time/ reading time per day

Assigned reading will consist of
1. Saint book or book about A life of Faith of notable Christan
2. Science
3. Book for Orchard House Circle reading books
4. from Reading List

Prepare 4 posts per week and pre publish using 1 and 1/2 hours per week to do this

Life Preparation:
- Orchard House Circle Meeting time Tuesday Night: homework 2 hours on Wednesday
- The Virtue Tree: Sandra Grant
1 lesson per week then move onto
- Life Work: Rick Sarkisian 1 lesson per week

Poor Box Toys Inc - 1 hour per week

Sports -
Term 1: 2 times a week
- Volley ball

Nature Note book- 2 times a week

Music Playing-
Term 1 Learn: Daily
1. Flute - Theme from Star Wars
2. Piano - Butterfly Kisses

Music Appreciation -
Term 1: 1 lesson for week other listening at various times
- Vivaldi, Strauss, Beethoven, Bach
2 weeks per composer: listen to Vox Music Master series on each composer and then the rest of the time listen to music while doing jobs and in free time if want to.

Art Work: 2 times week
Term 1- Pen and Watercolour: based on Elsa Beskow, Beatrix Potter and Tasha Tudor

Lent a Journey Towards Easter -Lap Books for Catholics

Monthly Theme work for Enjoy the Journey Through.....each Month


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