Wednesday, June 8, 2011

A Very Vague Update

Well I am finally doing an updated post to my poor neglected Learning Blog.

Since starting lessons  this year I actually have found it hard to keep on top on the plans I made, mostly for the little ones. The progress of the little girls reading was not to my satisfaction and I am disappointed in what I achieved with them.
It is a constant battle for me to vary the creative side (my Alphabet Path ideas) and the actual more fundamentals of learning to allow the balance to happen.
I am trying and have been over this week to balance this a bit more and will be posting more achievements for the little ones soon as well.

Our older children have waxed and waned with their enthusiasm for the prepared lessons and the completion of these has varied too form week to week.

Partly this has been due to my lack of energy during my pregnancy, frankly it hasn't been until after Trahaearn was born that I recognised how tired I had been.

This seemed to not help the focus of the older children and the completion of set work. Especially towards the end of my pregnancy when most of the time was anticipation of the baby coming home and waiting for this to happen.

However I do know that the 'extra' things they attempted and achieved were quite numerous.
We had many books read, crafts attempted and completed and lots of games and outdoor time in the warmer weather.

We have adjusted our learning and chore schedules to help ease into the new life we have with our baby and I am hoping to get back to regular and more complete weekly reviews.



Standinginhislight said...

I follow the other blog too, but I look forward to the things you share here also.
Blessings to you, Sheri

Erin said...

Great to talk about this today:) Loved reading it too.

Mika said...

Thanks for following Mika's Pantry.
I'm now happily following you back.