Sunday, July 10, 2011

Weekly Review - 10th July

At the moment with the children they are working on the revised plans we worked on after Trahaearn's birth. These have been not completed fully each day even so as we have had an influx of appointments and visitors that tend to disrupt things even if the intention is still there to complete a full day of lesson work.

However as usual the trend to read more and do other activities becomes more evident when there is more free time so to speak.
I am looking into the term unschooling and how this may apply to us, as I do see that although structure is a must in a large family that this can also stifle creativity with too many activities for lessons and the resulting general lifestyle chores etc.

We need to address the fact that DVD watching has become more active in the home with older and younger children alike. Although I monitor computer games a lot and this is not a big thing with the children anyway, the older girls tend to spend too much time just browsing on blogs and random computer time. This needs to be cut back as well.

I also notice that without a routine (which is life at the moment) that Vellvin especially stresses over the lack of accomplishment of the lesson check off list and this comes into other aspects of her day.

Early rising has been non existent since Trahaearn's birth and the little ones start their day with no structure as I have not organised anything and am still in bed with him. The oldest girls and Saxon are not up either and only Vellvin and Rogan are up to help with the little ones, thus resulting in stress levels again for all.

The non structure has not helped Corbyn and Moran with he sensory issues they have and Moran needs more structure for her development ability. This is resulting in behavioural issues that need to be addressed as well. They tend to view all the time as free time and are not keen to do their learning, as I am otherwise occupied with the baby while doing the lessons it is harder to enforce this .

Even though we still have Ann-Lisa visiting it will be a full return to the revised lesson plan tomorrow the 11th  (even though we have sick flu children).

I realise I have not posted the plans we worked out (for our own benefit and records) and will attempt to do this today with the daily chore list as well.

Hoping to get weekly review happening again this week.


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Erin said...

Finding your balance and medium, oh I so relate.