Sunday, September 18, 2011

Vellvins Learning

This is Vellvin's list of things she wants to learn at the moment.
This is her own list based on her interests and desires at the moment.
We are traveling and experimenting with a different learning path for Vellvin at the moment, leaning towards unschooling.
I will be sharing how this came about on my main blog

Things I want to learn and improve/do:
Learn to Carve
Do some more knitting
Lots more reading of whatever I want!!!
Writing my book.
Learn how to cook some more cakes and that sort of thing. ;)
Learn some more embroidery stitches
Make my Christmas presents.
Do some more Geography
Research some foreign country
Do some more of my water-colour pictures,
Enjoy reading my assigned reading. :)
Do some more outside activities/play
Play more board games.
Do more blog posts instead of occasionally.
Read some more of History and that sort of thing.
Read some more of my Faith.
Play more on the piano and be able to devote more time to it because its fun :)
Play some more Table-Tennis
Continue learning to do cursive
Continue with Latin
Do some more of Orchard House Circle activities
Talk more in the evening and family time instead of going to bed.
Read Murderous Maths,
Learn how to sketch,
Maths twice a week.

Things I don't want to do:
Nature journal,


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