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Plans for Rogan 2012

Stories of the Saints
Imitation in Writing Fairy Tales
Participating in (Listening and Narrating)  Read alouds that are part of younger children lessons. (Link Later)

Ruth Heller : World of Language- Read and narrate when finished use Grammar Land
Intermediate Language Lessons -Emma Serl.

Common Word Spelling List Grade 4-6 (From you can teach your child Successfully)
The Essential Spelling List - Fred J Schonell

Spelling Wisdom

Memorise approx 8 per term (to be chosen each week)
A 4-5 stanza poem should be able to be memorised in a week

Copywork of set Scripture in both manuscript and cursive.
Start Cursive using one of our resources in the style you prefer

Blog Posts 2 per week of written content (not just pictures)
Letters to Pen friends, brothers away and others
Continue to write out own creative  stories

Assigned Reading:  2 from each category below for 1each term (to be decided as go along)
Francis and Clare: Saints of Assis - Helen Walker Homan
Saint Rose of Lima - Mary Fabyan Windeatt
Blessed Marie of New France - Mary Fabyan Windeatt
The Little Flower - Mary Fabyan Windeatt
The Cure of Ars - Mary Fabyan Windeatt
Saint Martin De Porres - Mary Fabyan Windeatt
Saint Benedict - Mary Fabyan Windeatt
Saint Catherine of Sienna - Mary Fabyan Windeatt

Nature or Science:
Actos the Grizzly -Rhoda Leonard
Gatie the Aligatter -Rhoda Leonard
Mattie - G D Griffiths
Animals that Eat Nectar and Honey - Alice L Hopf
Monarch The Big Bear of Tallac -Ernest Thompson Seton
James Herriot's Animal Stories - James Herriot
Little Rascal  - Sterling North
My Side of the Mountain  -Jean George
The Wofling - Sterling North

Nurse Matilda - Chritiana Brand
The Call of the Wild - Jack London
Black Beauty -Anna Sewell
The Hundred and One Dalmations - Dodie Smith
The Silver Sword - Ian Serrallier
The Family from One End Street - Eve Garnett
A Little Princess - Frances Hodgson
Maddie - Astrid Lindgren

Children on the Oregon Trail - A Rufgers van der Loeff
Legions of the Eagle- Henry Treece
The Bronze Bow - Elizabeth George Speare
The Sign of the Beaver - Elizabeth George Speare
The Borrowed House - Hilda van Stockum
The Winged Watchman - Hilda van Stockum
The Children's Crusade - Henry Treece
The Eagle - Rosemary Sutcliffe

see below in Australian History section

Free Choice:
as you choose during the year

Information Reading:
Arthur Mee Encyclopedia
Newnes Encyclopedia
Other non-fiction from Home Library

St Patrick's Summer - Marigold Hunt
A Life of Our Lord for Children - Marigold Hunt
The First Christians - Marigold Hunt
The Rebel Prince - Raymond H Belton
The Heroic Messenger - Ambrose Haynes

St Joseph's Baltimore Catechism Book 2
Memorise The list of important facts on printed sheet

The Catholic Guide for Boys

Story of the World 2 - Medieval (as a spine) you may do 2-3  activities on Friday
Supplementary books from Home Library

Australian History:
History of Australia- Manning Clark, Meredith Hooper and Susanne Ferrier (spine)
The Australian Book -Eve Pownell (Interesting Note this is a new edition and varies dramatically from the old edition called 'We live in Australia'  published in 1966. My initial reaction is that it is a 'politically corrected' book.

Supplementary Reading ( 2 or more per term):
By the Sandhills of Yamboorah - Reginald Ottley
Cousin Come Lately - Eve Pownell
John of the Sirius - Doris Chadwick
Trim- Mathew Flinders
The Bay Whalers - Ira Nesdale
The Boundary Whalers - Joan Phipson
Courageous Crew- Kathleen Allanby
The Australian Twins -Daphne Rooke

Start Maths Buddy (When we get it)
Lessons in numbers
Concentrate on X Tables
Online Math Drills Worksheets
Read From Home Library Living Math Books
Board games and card games and puzzles

Term 1- Botany:
The Wonderland of Nature Nuri Mass
Shaleya's Quest Thomas J Elpel
Botany in a Day -Thomas J Elpel
Exploring Creation with Botany (Young Explorer Series) Jeannie K Fulbright  Apologia  Press
Christopherous Unit Study Botany by Donna Simmons
Term 2:
Wonderland Of Nature - Nuri Mass
Children of Summer Jean -Henri Fabre
Fabre's Book of Insects- Jean Henry Fabre
Term 3:
Astronomy (using books from Home Library)
Create a solar system
Term 4:
Read through Habitat books (One Square Foot)
Plant a garden to produce vegetables and herbs (keep a journal on when planted and growing record)

Nature Study: Nature in the Neighbourhood - Gordon Morrison
Keep a Nature Notebook
Create an Animal Notebook (draw animal and fill with facts including paw prints, special considerations)

Watch Science and Nature  DVDs eg Steve Irwin, Mythbusters Magic School Bus etc

Road Trip Around Australia:
This involves choosing a destination for a 'holiday' and the route to take to get there. You will document the distance between towns, any significant physical landmarks and made made historical or cultural landmarks. You will chart your way and record information on the towns you pass through including population, what state it is etc.
Use online and Home library Resources
Have a map to pinpoint the towns on

Watch DVDs of Michael Palin and his various travels around the world.  Keep a world pin point map of the various places he visits

Around the World Trip:
Similar to the Australian one
Use online and Home library resources

Listen to The Masters Series
Classical Kids Collection Vol 1 and Vol 2

Piano Lessons
Ballroom Dancing - use the DVD we have
Continue to learn new Hymns and songs

One Art picture a week for Picture Study (Charlotte Mason style)
Term 1:
Robert Duncan
Term 2:
Jessie Wilcox Smith
Term 3:
Thomas Kinkade
Van Gough
Term 4:
John Constable
Tom Roberts

Copy and colour/paint from approved sources
Draw/colour/paint own designs and creations

Experiment with taking different photos eg, still life, portrait, nature and then use photo editing to Edit these with different options to show effects
Use these to create collages and for blog posts etc

Usborne French
Live Mocha
Library resources (waiting for them to arrive- update when have)

Candle making
Creative writing
Spider knitting

All Year Round
The Children's Year
Global Art MaryAnn F Kohl
Discovering Great Atrtists
Craft Basket and Nature Study Basket books from on my Book Blog

(Weekly breakdown to follow)

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