Monday, February 4, 2013

Plans for Corbyn (and Arwen)

This year we will focus on getting Corbyn and Arwen if she is interested in really knowing the alphabet, having fun with the letters and listening to lots of read alouds, doing painting, drawing, crafts and nature study.

So the general plan is thus:
Read picture books, do art and craft  and cooking Corbyn (Arwen and Trahaearn may join in as they want)
Listen to read alouds like the girls

These will be the backbone of our learning this year:
Use the book -Twenty- Six Letters from Heaven
My own Alphabet of Saints Plans to look through for ideas for crafts etc especially to add to the above
100 easy lessons
CHC lessons
various cards and flash cards
Funnix Reading
Funnix Maths
Any work books that he thinks are fun
Puzzles and finding things
Gnome Maths with the girls

Christopherus Kindergarten and First Grade Syllabus

Liturgical year and seasonal crafts

Handcraft: crochet, spider knitting, simple embroidery
Art: Nature Study, copying artists, watercolour painting, painting, form drawing
Lifestyle: routine chores, cooking, basic gardening


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