Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Nature 1- Kangaroo

Once a week we are looking at Nature
We are starting off with Kangaroos
At the moment we are using this Australian Wildlife book I have had for  14 years and used on and off
Books to read-
Chai the Kangaroo -Pam Blashki
Katy No Pocket- Emmy  Payne
Using the internet for a lot of information-
Basic Facts
Fun Facts
Red Kangaroo
Eastern Grey

You tube-
Joey in a pouch
Dot and the Kangaroo Movie
Tie Me Kangaroo Down Sport - Ralph Harris

Colouring page and the joey page we have to cut our and put in the mothers pouch

Skippy Series our younger kids love watching this all the time!!



Eric Schonblom said...

No survey about kangaroos is complete without reading aloud Ogden Nash's six-line poem on the subject. I don't quote it here, because I am respecting his copyright, but if you enter "kangaroos mediatinker" into Google, you will find it.

Gae said...

Thank you Eric I will check that our for the children. WE love poetry for memorisation