Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Science 1- Bees

We will be doing  quick Science based projects each week or two. Just following our interests and using mostly any internet based resources and books we have at home or can be borrowed easily form the library

The first one is bees and we covered this today.
We read aloud and watched these interesting youtube sessions as well as listen to the cute song at the end.

Books: Inside a Beehive (Magic Schoolbus Series)
Honey in a Hive - Anne Rockwell
How do Bees make Honey- Usborne
Youtube resources_
Magic School Bus- Inside a Bee Hive a favourite with the children always
Honey Bee Lifecycle
A look inside a Beehive
How do bees make Honey
Extracting Honey by Hand
Cleaning Melting and Filtering Beeswax
Extracting Honey on the Cheap
Cutting and straining honey

Beeright Facts
Beeright videos

Honey Bee Song Youtube the kids loved this one

And the Bee Movie. Not accurate in lots of ways but fun to watch.

Activities: make a fleece bee and catch and observe bees


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