Saturday, March 6, 2010

Alphabet Path Review Week A-G

This week I will be reviewing the Letters A through G with Moran, Myffwyn and Corbyn.

Ideas for this week will come from:

~ Cuisenaire rods for the Cuisenaire Alphabet book. Review from A-G
~ make some homemade matching work sheets :
matching up the Capital and lowercase letters
matching drawn pictures with letter sounds
~ tracing over letters
~ writing out letters
~ reviewing the sound pouches
~ make up a story about the letters A-G and tell it using chalk board drawings.
~ use flash cards and ask for identification
~ do concentration card games
~ blend some of the sounds together using A-G as well as some of the other letters they know ie. M, N, O, R, S perhaps more. ( Ruth Beechick: A Home Start in Reading)
~ colouring in some more pictures
~ read from some of the Alphabet books
~ do some form drawing
~ do some counting with the manipulates
~ do some 'sight' words with our Montessori farm game
~ paint letters A-G
~check on the past posts about the Letters
A - still to do as I didn't write it out
for other ideas if needed.


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Cinnamon said...

Hello Gae~ I haven't been here in a bit. I love all your lists. I like them because I don't write all this stuff down but I look at your list and realize 'hey I've done that and that." I leave here feeling like I've accomplished so much :-)