Friday, March 5, 2010

Weekly Review 1st - 5th March

This week we had a very busy, interesting and intense week.
We actually managed a couple of field trips .

The first was to the Imaginarium which is the small science Museum in our town.
The children all really enjoyed the puzzle theme they had at the moment and racing the T-Rex to see if they could get eaten.
There is a Dinosaur Exhibition in May they are all keen to go to.
On Saturday we went to the Gowrie Park Rodeo and saw some close up views of the animals and the Rodeo competitors.

As to formal lessons the older children were very committed to finishing their work for the week.

The older children have really liked the change to GramarLand and Stories of the Saints.
They continue to keep up the pace with History of the World studies and The History of Science. The History of Science is a more involved study that they are going well with.
Science experiments continue to be well liked and they are recording thee well in their books. Rogan especially loves these.

Latin is going well and Eden is the only one who isn't really keen on it.
All the Art lessons are progressing well. I can see an improvement in all the children's work and they are all enjoying this, especially Saxon still.

Nature Journal entries are very involved and they are real works or art and observation.

Geography has continued to be a very popular topic and all the children have progressed with their learning .

Maths seems to be a slight challenge for Eden and Vellvin. Saxon and Autumn seem to be managing the Maths challenge at this stage.
Rogan's math is a challenge for me as I find I don't have a lot of explaining time and am hoping to get some Math U See for him to use. Which would allow me not to be involved in the explaining process.

Autumn loves her Logic and has completed about half of the book but Saxon isn't that keen and tends to leave it till last.

We still haven't fine tuned the Reading/quiet time and our Scribbling Squires and Orchard House Circle activities yet. Hopefully this week.

The little girls finished "G Week" in Along the Alphabet Path. We read a lot of stories again and spent time in a "Table Top Activity Day".
I am planning a review week this coming week of the Letter A-G with a lot of writing and using different methods to check how much they actually know.


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